About Tiffany

Tiffany Dunk

With over 20 years experience on some of Australia’s most-loved and trusted publications – including News Corp Australia‘s national print mastheads,  DOLLY, TV WEEK, CLEO and NW – Tiffany Dunk is available for work as a freelance editor, journalist, brand consultant and presenter.

To date, Tiffany has been commissioned as an editor and journalist for a broad variety of print and online publications including marie claire, Lifestyle.com.auAustralian Woman’s Weekly, stellarNew Idea, BW magazine, Body & Soul, TV WEEK, KidSpot.com.auninemsn, Essential Kids and more.

She has also been commissioned by leading brands in areas including health, homes, shopping and finance to create engaging content for their digital and social assets.

While her writing work spans a broad range of topics from social issues to health to entertainment, Tiffany’s passion for the teen market has remained  after a four-year stint editing Australia’s most iconic teen title, DOLLY.

In addition to being engaged by education program Fresh ED as a presenter on topics including body image, nutrition and more in high schools across Sydney and Melbourne and holding writing workshops in Sydney schools, she works with brands to target their approach to this hard-to-crack market.

Tiffany is also available for expert comment on teen issues, having been invited to speak on shows including The Project, Today, Mornings and Ten’s Late Night News and called upon for comment in publications including The Australian Women’s Weekly and The Daily Telegraph.

Whether you are looking for a creative wordsmith to turn around a feature in a heartbeat, an experienced editor to oversee a print or digital product, an MC or presenter to host an event or a consultant to help your brand’s engagement with their target market, Tiffany comes as a highly recommended addition to your content arsenal.



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