Tiffany Dunk

“If there’s one thing most marketers will understand, it’s that there’s no such thing as a ‘tried and tested’ teen strategy. The teen audience’s needs, wants and desires are forever changing and keeping up with the latest trends is no easy task. Unless you’re Tiffany, of course. She’s been my go-to for advice on everything from our teen campaign strategy and communication materials to seemingly simple decisions like what font we should use. Tiffany never underestimates the finer details that can make or break the way your brand connects with a teens. Not only is Tiffany full of insights and ideas, but she has a knack for knowing how to drill down and adapt them to address core business objectives. And let’s not forget she’s also a pleasure to deal with.”

Brooke Radich, Consumer Marketing Manager, Invisalign

“Tiffany is a brilliant writer, editor and ideas person. Over the years, she has worked for TV WEEK as full-time deputy editor, but also freelance as acting editor, associate editor and writer. She can easily handle any senior editorial role on the magazine and do it very well. She’s a TV, entertainment and pop culture expert, has a keen news sense and gets everything done quickly and efficiently. We love having Tiffany around the office – she’s calm, positive, full of energy and is a pleasure to work with.”

Emma Nolan, Editor, TV WEEK

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